It’s All About the Coffee Shop Vibe!

The American coffee shop has drastically evolved over the last few decades. Although coffee has been a staple commodity of American culture for centuries, it wasn’t until the “Starbucks” era took hold that coffee became the focal point of social gatherings in America. Out growing the soda shops of the 1940’s, our over stimulated society embraced the coffee shop and it’s venti double espresso, Carmel Macchiato $5 beverage with open arms. The primary purpose of the coffee shop may be to provide a much needed fix of highly concentrated caffeine; however, I believe the “Coffee Shop” is much more than just a coffee dispensary. You can uncover a lot about a neighborhood solely based off its local coffee shop. So take a minute and think…how’s your coffee shop’s vibe?

So where am I going with this? Well, to be honest…I never expected to write¬†about coffee shops; however, I felt compelled when I stepped into one specific coffee shop.



I’m talking about OLD SOUL CO. in Oak Park. It wasn’t your typical Starbucks. It was lively, full of conversation, and an eclectic mix of individuals. It had an energy like no other. A group of locals poised on the idea of bringing together all walks of life, unbiased judgments, and unprejudiced philosophies. The citizens that incubate within this coffee shop are spreading positive outlooks throughout the neighborhood. In turn, creating a vibrant and revitalized community. This is no longer the Oak Park of old, this is an amazing rebirth of a gentrifying neighborhood, and I am excited to be apart of it!


Old Soul Co. offers more than just a great cup of coffee, wi-fi connection, and great atmosphere, they also offer a delicious food menu and some refreshing¬†local beers and wine. I’d like to see Starbucks compete with that.



What do you think? Can you tell a lot about a neighborhood or community based off the local coffee shop? An individual’s decision of where to live has always been predicated on how are the local schools, proximity to employment, nearby parks….well, I say you need to also consider the #CoffeeShopVibe.


About the author: Jesse Hinaman